Manchester United new 2022-2023 shirt made by adidas

Manchester United new 2022-2023 shirt made by adidas

Manchester United’s new 2022-2023 home kit was released today. It is of course made by Adidas and will be worn in the Premier League 22-23 season.

Discussing the design of the shirt further, Adidas design director Inigo Turner said: “The polo collar is synonymous with Manchester United. Folded up or down, it has played a leading role in many of the club’s big moments. With such a A long history and we want to pay tribute to the club’s most legendary kits and players.”

camiseta Manchester United 2023
Manchester United wore the new kit for the first time against Liverpool in Bangkok on July 12, and what can be seen is the Camiseta Manchester United Primera 2022/2023 combining the main colour of crimson, the adidas logo in white and the three stripes in black. The “triangle” design can be seen on both the collar and socks, what sets this kit apart is the polo collar. The white collar features a 1994-style triangular design.Si también sigues el nueva camiseta del Manchester United, ??haz clic en –, verás las equipaciones futbol baratas de varios equipos de fútbol, ??definitivamente encontrarás tus camisetas favoritas de futbol 2023.

nueva camiseta del Manchester United
The new Manchester United 2022-2023 away kit features a simple white design with black and red accents. Adidas chose cherry red for the Three Stripes, while the adidas and TeamViewer logos are black. Just like the home jersey, this away jersey also has a shield badge. This away jersey is perfect for any occasion. A low-key spiral pattern is used on the jersey fabric, highlighting the club’s three core values: youth, courage and success. Inspired by the rich and figurative DNA elements of Manchester United’s past jerseys, the smooth lines reflect the elements of the 90s, and the neckline and cuffs are also inspired by the club’s prominent visual identity.

Inigo Turner, Adidas Design Director, said: “We took a fresh look at the kit that will be worn by players in away matches around the world, aiming to capture an undisputed sense of collective belief and common purpose. Wherever we go, we all hope to incorporate the concepts of youth, courage and success into the composition of the jersey, so that players and fans can wear such a jersey together.”

camiseta del Manchester United
Finally, we can see that the new second away jersey incorporates a vibrant and eye-catching geometric pattern into the design. This shirt is painted in neon green, showing a very different style from the home and away jerseys, which is very eye-catching. The jersey is designed with a round neck and a distinctive pattern inspired by the fashion culture of the times in the 1990s. The German brand’s three black stripes are applied on the shoulders of the dress. The three jerseys for the new season not only look great on the pitch, but off the pitch as well. Black shorts (available in green) and green socks with a demon and collar design complete the uniform.

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